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Robina Dhindsa

Robina Dhindsa
Visual Identity
Aug 2023
Robina Dhindsda, a stalwart advocate for mental health and the visionary founder of The Mastering the Inner World™, dedicates her efforts to guiding corporate cultures in prioritizing individual mental well-being. It remains paramount to mirror the caliber of her work and fortify her company's digital footprint.



The principal challenge lay in consistently embodying the essence of this brand across the visual translation on the new website. Given the client's brand orientation towards Hinduism and mysticism, our task necessitated a seamless fusion of a mystical approach with the corporate dimensions of her clientele.
The new website emanates from the utilization of a refreshed color palette, the incorporation of abstract photography rooted in the client's heritage, a contemporary and structured typeface inspired by elements derived from the corporate space, as well as novel approaches to photography, illustration, and motion.
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