Eurecah is a curated fashion & lifestyle digital platform to discover and buy unique, on-trend and artisan-made products, from independent brands in an easy shopping experience.


Eurecah IRL

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Melissa Mendez | Founder & CEO

Being immersed in fashion, design, decor, and technology her entire life, Melissa always dreamt to make this her job and become her own boss. She spent days and nights researching about independent design; there were no places where people could find curated products from brands all over the world. Marketplaces where not curated; they were either too broad, or too niche. But none spoke to her: truly unique, on-trend and handcrafted products for a fair price. She decided to take matters into her own hands by building a marketplace, Eurecah.  In the process of building it, Melissa gathered broad experience in software design, UI/UX, ecommerce, logistics and more.

Prior to this experience, she worked as Designer Accounts Director in fine-jewelry manufacturing, leading factory-sized teams in design, manufacturing and operations process. As a Content Creator, Melissa has worked in creating digital content for fashion-focused companies like Couturista Travel.

 Her ultimate goal is to create a worldwide community of independent brands that can collaborate and sell their products online and offline in an inclusive experience that revolves around doing what they love.


 Women posing for camera

Victoria Sanchez-Lincoln | CMO

Victoria Sanchez-Lincoln is a fashion and style director in New York city with years of experience working for leading media and lifestyle companies. She specializes in developing and curating unique and strategic content, public relations and brand engagement. Victoria has worked extensively with celebrities and social influencers in both the general lifestyle and Hispanic markets; developing sophisticated revenue and commerce-driven editorial concepts across print, video, social and digital platforms; and produced and planned large-scale video and photo shoots for major brands. As a Fashion Editor Digital Branded Consultant, she created content for Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and as well as retail brands such as Macy’s and Garnet Hill. Her most recent position was Director of Brand Engagement at Skoog, a Chicago-and New York-based communications firm. Prior to that, Victoria served as Fashion Director at various magazines including Real Simple, InStyle, Latina and Mode.