Shipping Options

Ship your products with our discounted national and international shipping options.


To ship within the US and from the US to international countries, these are the options:

  1. USPS
  2. Marketplace Shipping
  3. Free Shipping

To ship from Colombia to international countries, these are the options:

  1. Marketplace Shipping
  2. Free Shipping  



Marketplace shipping within the US and to international countries is provided by USPS. 

Marketplace Shipping within Colombia and to international countries is provided by TCC and FedEx respectively.


With FedEx International Economy service, you can ship your packages internationally, without sacrificing reliability. With this option, customers pay for shipping at checkout and the price is provided depending on their location.


Delivery Time: Time definite, customs-cleared, typically in 4 to 6 business days.


Packages: Ship any package up to 68 kg. (150 lbs.)


Dimensions per package: Can be up to 274 cm (108") in length, or 330 cm (130") in length and girth combined.

*If you use your own packaging, dimensional weight may apply so please make sure you specify your product packaging weight and size accordingly. To do that, simply go into your product edit section to edit the product variables.




Shipping is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment, and because of that, many merchants provide free shipping on their products. To do this, you must add the shipping price to your product's price. 


Tips to offer free shipping:


If your products have the same average weight and dimensions, then the shipping rates to different countries are very similar. So to be able to provide free shipping follow these steps:


  1. Determine the weight of your products and the dimensions. 
  2. Check the FedEx International Economy fares table here to locate the weight of your product. 
  3. Compare the zones that we offer shipping (USA, Mexico, Canada) to get the final price. (The countries are divided in zones)
  4. Round up this price to the highest price and add it to your product's price.



1 pair of shoes $30.00 USD

Weight: 1 lb.

Package Dimensions: Length 25 cm x Width 15 cm x Height 20 cm

Countries we ship internationally: USA, Canada, Mexico (Zona B)

FedEx International Economy: $33.44 USD ($100.00 USD insurance included).

Rounded up: $34.00 USD

Final product price: $64.00 USD


Now that you know our shipping options and how to offer free shipping, you are ready to continue setting up your shop. Click here to set up shipping in your store.