Minimalist Decor for Small Living Rooms

Minimalist Décor for Small Living Rooms


Let’s be honest, we don’t live in a 4,000 sq ft home, neither 80% of America. That is why, we decided to share with you our take on how to decorate your living room with a minimalist approach, similar to those beautiful multi-million dollar homes we have saved on our Home Pinterest board.


So, let’s cut to the chase! The style of minimalism is a design approach that is characterized by using the most necessary objects in decoration. It is mainly achieved through the use of functional furniture and interior objects, geometric shapes and a combination of usually not more than two basic colors. These are the basics we think you should consider when planning to decorate your living room with a minimalistic style:


  1. Create a mood board.

We are firm believers of mood boards which is why we recommend sorting out your favorite images of what you want to add to your spaces prior to going out shopping/repurposing. This will help you keep your concept solid to move forward with your design.

Nude Minimalist Mood Board 

Minimalist Decor Mood Board

Minimalist Decor Mood Board

  1. Choose your color palette… and keep it cohesive.

When decorating minimalistic, you must keep in mind less is more, so make sure your colors represent that. If you want to go for earthy colors, then try to keep your palette with a group of 2 or halftones of nude, brown, sand, grey, white and black… you get the point. Lighter colors will also ensure your space seem larger and brighter, while darker colors can help you define shapes.

 Color Palette

  1. Choose simple furniture with exposed legs.

An old trick to make your spaces look bigger, is to make sure your furniture features exposed legs. Tall furniture can make the ceiling seem lower than it actually is as well. Be sure there is space between your furniture, to avoid your space look cluttered. Choose a furniture with open arms and exposed legs. This invites light to go under the furniture, making the room appear brighter. Glass tables are also a great addition to make your spaces look bigger.

 Minimalist Furniture

  1. Bring in the natural light.

Remove bulky, and dark curtains to invite natural light in. If you have curtains, make sure you open them up. This will ensure you connect the indoors with the outdoors. Another ‘curtain trick’ is to add the curtain rod above your window frame and closer to the roof. Doing this will elongate your walls giving an illusion of it being larger. Choose simple curtains like white chiffon, which can be very cost effective as well.

 Minimalist Bright Living Room


  1. Add a mirror.

Strategically placed mirrors can be a great and simple (budget-friendly) addition to your space. Place it near a window so it reflects the outdoors.

 Minimalist Mirror

  1. Remove Clutter.

It is extremely important in such design to correctly divide the space. Minimalist interiors are usually compact, black or gray, and have a strict geometric shape so clutter does not have a place here. Make sure you focus on your main furniture: sofa, coffee table, a couple additional sitting. Ornate and colorful décor is not welcome, so we advise going for décor that falls under the same color palette and has a simple aesthetic.

Minimalist Living Room


Check out these pieces to add to your minimalistic space.

Let us know what you think and if you would be willing to change it up with this elegant style of décor.