6 tips that will increase your sales

No matter how new you are in the market, it is very important to give love and affection to your store. Give it a few minutes a day to update different features within it. For example:

1. The 1st impression is what is worth.
The traffic that enters through search engines, and in turn through Facebook, Instagram, etc., they do with a very predictable fiancé: find what they are looking for! Because of this, it is very important to give the tools to your clients to find that store or product that they have searched so much. Be inspired and create an aesthetic within your store that communicates the style of your brand.

2. The description materializes the idea.
Write in a few words (between 3 or 4) the title of your product. Be sure to include the main features that define exactly what it is. Emphasize the most important descriptor of each element of what you will be selling.

Answer the buyer's questions about the details of the product and in this way you will create a clear image of your product and brand. For example:

Describe the product in its entirety.
Includes dimensions
Specify the time you need to produce it or send it
Add relevant information that will be important to your customers

3. The photos are everything.
The image of your brand and what you want your customers to feel about your company is in your photos. Therefore, give them a clean, natural, and luminous air, in which all the details of your products are clearly visible. Include more than one side of the product so that your customers have a clear idea of ​​the composition of the product. Keep in mind the default sizes to avoid pixelated or disproportionate photos.

Default sizes:

Square: 300 × 300 px

Rectangular: 728 × 340 px

4. Believe in your brand.
What do you want to offer your customers? The perception that they have about you is in your hands. Answer these short questions and use them as a guide:

What added value does my brand have?
What is the difference between my products and my competitors?
How do I want my customers to feel when they shop in my store?
What feeling do I want to leave them when they interact with my brand?
Now, based on your answers, you can create manageable and clear goals about the meeting points you want to touch in terms of the relationship you have with your customers.

5. Your store is unique
The description of your brand allows you to publicize one side of your business that many probably do not know. Take advantage of the 'Brand Description' to highlight your story and the reason why you are a unique company.

Use flashy images where you show your processes. This is not only eye-catching for your clients, but for influencers, bloggers and journalists.

6. Socialize
It is vital to share your store in social networks, if you want to attract new buyers and leverage your brand. Share products from your store weekly, and include content relevant to your brand image. Create a routine and gradually win new customers.

What are your tips or tricks to grow your store? Tell us about your mechanisms to increase your sales since we would love to hear your comments.