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My blog is your lifestyle resource for chic living, and stylish fashion that’s curated with passion, creativity and bit of humor

Hey! Welcome to my blog, or how I like to call it: my creative hub. I'm Melissa Mendez, a growth marketer, and digital creator based in Orlando, Florida. You'll find me on Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok sharing cool outfits, home decor tutorials, recipes and even pieces of my life with my husband Steven and Cy, our cute rescue pup.

Over the past 10 years I've been growing as a growth marketer, which led me to design digital strategies, web design, social content, writing, and more with amazing companies ranging from e-commerce to AI. Even though I had always been behind the scenes, I've recently started to share more about my lifestyle, and surprisingly, it has been well received :) That's really fun since I really enjoy the process– it's somehow therapeutic to have a creative hobby. I just started doing this, so hold on tight because it'll be a road full of sharp turns, ups and downs.

I'm polyfacetic in my style, since it is driven by the mood I'm in, but if I could describe my style in one word it would be: eclectic. I crave juxtaposition in all things that surround me, in search for perfect balance. This applies to my way of life, the way I decorate my home, my fashion style, as well as my cooking.

On the blog, I will aim to show stylish spaces, looks and delicious recipes I create on a daily basis yet feel easy, authentic, and fun. It's all about stimulating your senses through my art. I hope you enjoy it.


Girl posing
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